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Innovative, intelligent and universal battery measuring technology

BRS Messtechnik GmbH is an expert in battery measurement technology. Batteries and battery systems can be tested quickly and efficiently with our compact battery testers, independent of the battery technology.

Our instruments are universal tools for professional battery users and enable:

  • standard battery tests (voltage, internal resistance, capacity)
  • battery analysis (modeling, comparison, trends)
  • diagnosis (state of charge, state of health, integrity)
  • recording of ambient conditions (current, temperature)

They are used for testing cells, modules and systems

  • in development for performance tests
  • in production for quality assurance
  • in trials for online diagnostics
  • in maintenance for ageing trends
  • in service for determining the battery state

Our offer comprises:

  • professional battery testers and test systems
  • development of customer specific measurement tools
  • consulting and engineering for battery measurement technology

Battery measurement technologybattery test

for all types of batteries

Video "Battery Test System" - easily explained in 3 minutes.

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