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Measuring module battery tester MBT

The MBT-x is a measuring module for use in production systems and in quality assurance. It is optimized for the quick test of battery cells and modules and for checking the welded joints.

The 3 essential battery parameters (AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance and battery voltage) are measured within 0.4 seconds; Another measuring mode allows an automatic temperature compensation.

In addition to the 4-wire measuring technology, a 6-wire arrangement is also provided to facilitate the wiring.

The measurement module is protected by an aluminium housing which can be mounted by 4 screws. It is remotely controlled via RS232 communication interface and powered by a separate power supply.


  • Switchable resistance range allows welding tests.
  • 3-parameter measurement within 0.4sec
  • Measuring battery voltage with high accuracy (±1mV for cells)
  • Measuring the battery internal resistance (ohmic part) at 2 frequencies (10Hz, 1kHz)
  • Test connection in 4-wire technology or in 6-wire technology with compensation current
  • Measuring temperature with temperature compensation of the 10Hz measurement
  • Cycle time can be further reduced by parallel operation


Versions MBT-L MBT-S
Application Large cells Small cells
Voltage range / V 0…5 0…5
Resistant ranges / mΩ 1 / 3 / 10

(1 / 3)

10 / 30 / 100

Polarity independent no yes
5-Kanal-Messgerät für schnelle Zell-Eingangstests

5-channel measuring device for fast cell entry tests

The MBT-X5 was developed for the incoming test (BoL test) of round cells in large quantities with short cycle times. The device measures the voltage as well as the internal resistance at different frequencies with up to 5 channels.

Different types of measurement allow adaptation to different requirements:

  • Quick test in 100ms per channel
  • Standard test in 350ms per channel
  • DC-IR test in 1.3sec per channel

The compact measuring module is protected by an aluminum housing that can be attached with 4 screws. The measuring inputs are made via M8 sensor plugs, the measuring module is connected to the system control (PLC) via a serial interface (RS232). The device can be configured and diagnosed via the USB interface. Power is supplied via a separate power supply unit.


Battery Impedance Meter BIM2B

BIM2B is an universal measuring device for use in the development, production and quality assurance of cells.


  • Measurement of impedance according to active and reactive component or amount and phase
  • Single frequency measurement and spectral impedance measurement (EIS)
  • Graphical representation of the locus (Nyquist diagram)
  • Automatic calculation of the model parameters
  • Offline analysis of spectral measurements
  • Measurement of the battery voltage
  • Measurement of the ambient temperature via an external sensor
  • USB interface for supply and communication

Main Specifications

Measurement parameters BIM2B
Voltage range
Impedance ranges
1 / 3 / 10 / 30 / 100 / 300 / 1000 mΩ
Frequency range

Temperature range




Multiplexer BMUX15/4

The BMUX-15/4 is a four-wire switch (multiplexer) with which up to 15 stacked battery cells can be switched one after the other to an impedance measuring device (BIM2). This means that impedance and voltage measurements can be carried out on several cells without having to plug them in.

The switchover takes place via 16 double contacts (each Force and Sense), which in pairs form a channel. A cell is selected via 2 adjacent channels.

The BMUX-15/4 has 2 communication interfaces (USB and RS-232), which can be used alternatively; if both interfaces are connected at the same time, the USB interface has priority.
In the case of USB, power is supplied via the interface itself; in the case of RS232, an external power supply must be provided.
The remote control takes place via a simple proprietary protocol or via a graphical user interface for Windows PC.


Round Cell Adapter CTA

The round cell adapter CTA is an accessory for the impedance measuring device BIM and enables precise impedance and capacity measurements on battery cells using four-wire technology.

Round cells of the popular formats 18650, 21700 and 26650 can be inserted directly and loaded with currents of up to 5A.

The CTA is connected to the measuring device via a laboratory measuring cable MK-L, but it can also be used together with other measuring devices.


Measurement cables


Laboratory measuring cable with lab plugs

The measuring cable is 1m long and has 4 laboratory plugs 4mm, which allow a universal connection of standard test clamps or test probes.

It is the universal measuring cable for all internal resistance and impedance measurements.

Standard cable for BIM.


Laboratory measuring cable with lab plugs

The measuring cable is 1m long and has 4 laboratory plugs 4mm, which allow a universal connection of standard test clamps or test probes.

The set contains 4 alligator clips and 4 cable lug adapters for M4 / M6 / M8.

Standard cable for BIM.


Measurement Cable with open ends

The measuring cable is 80cm long. Own contacts can be connected to the open ends.


Measuring Cable with big Kelvin clamps

This measuring cable has 2 large Kelvin clamps and is 1m long.

It is easy to use and is suitable for internal resistance measurements on larger batteries.

Suitable for internal resistance measurements.


Temperature measuring cable with PT1000

Measuring cable for connection to the auxiliary measuring input with temperature sensor PT1000 in TO92 housing, 1m long.