BRS measuring device used in production


First partial shipment of our module battery tester MBT-S with BMUX-15/4 Multiplexer ready to be delivered to one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firms – with outstanding expertise in the fields of automation and digitization – for new battery module assembly production lines.

Our unique selling point: multi-frequency impedance measurement (in this case 3 essential battery parameters – AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance and battery voltage) resulting in more test depth within a short measurement time of 0.4 seconds.

5-Kanal-Messgerät für schnelle Zell-Eingangstests

New Products

5-channel measuring device for fast incoming tests

The MBT-X5 was developed for the incoming test (BoL test) of round cells in large quantities with short cycle times. The device measures the voltage as well as the internal resistance at different frequencies with up to 5 channels.

Different types of measurement allow adaptation to different requirements:

  • Quick test in 75ms per channel
  • Standard test in 350ms per channel
  • DC-IR test in 1250ms per channel

The compact measuring module is protected by an aluminum housing that can be attached with 4 screws. The measuring inputs are made via M8 sensor plugs, the measuring module is connected to the system control (PLC) via a serial interface (RS232). Power is supplied via a separate power supply unit.

5-Kanal-Messgerät für schnelle Zell-Eingangstests

New version of BIM Impedance Meters (BIM-B) with improved Spectral Measurement Functions

The proven family of impedance meters now offers improved spectral evaluations:

  • The modelling function for calculating the model parameters now works completely automatically.
  • A new offline analysis feature allows you to compare and analyze Nyquist curves of previous measurement results directly on the screen.

In addition to German and English, Chinese operation is now also supported.

The seldomly used functions “Tolerance Analysis” and “Diagnosis” as well as the digital inputs/outputs are removed. The remote control protocol remains unchanged.